How Roast Was Born

The old saying is that if you enjoy what you do for a living, you’ll never work a day in your life. Usually, when someone says something like that, it makes you want to throw your coffee in their face. We’re here to tell you it’s the truth.

Back when Henry and I were going to UW (2009 seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it?), we used to talk about opening a sandwich shop as early as our sophomore year. Sure, we talked about a lot of half-baked ideas on the couch of our fraternity, 99% of which never happened, but still. After graduating, we left this beautiful city for the Big Apple (him) and Chicago (me). We gave “real life” an honest try – the monkey suit, the pointless meetings, the soul-crushing commute. Throughout that year and a half after college, we never completely stopped talking about the sandwich shop. Eventually, the time came when we decided to stop talking and start doing.

ROAST was born.

After we decided to commit, we had some tough decisions to make. Namely, what are we serving? You can spin a nice yarn about the two home-grown college kids coming back to open a bar at their alma mater, but if the food sucks, who cares? We tried to think about our time at UW – what was missing?

Sometimes we make life more complicated than it has to be. We've got enough to deal with already. Midterm exams, the mortgage, student loans…why add to the list? At ROAST, we’re all about simplicity. Let’s get back to the basics. Say it with me:

Beer. Sandwiches.

We rotate our chalkboard menu seasonally, because it keeps things fresh. We get our meat, bread, and cheese locally, because we care about where our food comes from. We cook everything in-house, from scratch, because it tastes better. We have a great selection of craft beers, because craft beer is badass. We have live music, because who doesn’t like live music?

See? Simple. This isn’t ECON441; it’s a bar.

So come on by. Have a cold one. Talk about some crazy ideas. Get a little loose – maybe even lose the top button for once. You’ll have a good time, we guarantee it.

Doug Hamaker & Henry Aschauer
- Co Owners

We LIke To Party

"We are an artisan sandwich shop, then a craft beer bar, and then a college bar on the weekends in that order."

-Doug Hamaker

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